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ComSign Europe is a Public Service that provides businesses and private customers with Qualified Electronic Certificates (QEC) for electronic signatures, in accordance with the European Directive 1999/93/EC.

ComSign Europe QEC service provides the ability to identify and trust business counterparties online. These services allow customers and business partners to perform a range of online transactions on a global basis, with the assurance that their trading partners can be trusted and that they are who they claim to be.

This fundamental identity assurance service backed by ComSign Europe Qualified Electronic Signature Certificates (QEC) is required for each business service that must be delivered with high level of trust.

 The service includes:

A Certificate Authority for qualified electronic signatures

A Registration Authority (registration office) serving the UK market. The basic CA service requires (according to the EU DIR/99/93) face-to-face identification and qualification of the applicant. ComSign Europe provides this service through its ComSign Europe Registration Authority (RA) in the UK

Timestamp Authority to acknowledge the accurate time of the signed transaction

Secure signature verification service (by OCSP and CRL)

Providing Electronic Seals (Company Seals) certificates according to eIDAS and EU framework

The users entitled to request a QEC (Qualified Electronic Certificates) from ComSign Europe include business and private users that require QEC for their B2C transactions and government reporting (Private Customers) and B2B and government reporting (Business Users).

ComSign Europe digital certificates are provided to customers in the form of secured and certified smartcards (with accompanying smartcard readers and signing software), USB Tokens or stored in an HSM (Hardware Secured Module) secured partition.

Smartcards, E-tokens and HSMs represent a strong form of strong identification and authentication. Smartcard or a USB Token represent ‘something the Signer has’ in his/her full control when signing. After the certificate is issued on the Smartcard/USB Token, the Signer also has to choose ‘something he/she knows’ (PINCODE). ‘Something that you have’ + ‘Something that you know’ are the fundamentals of electronic signatures.

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