Digital Signature Software solution for Desktop


Digital signature software solution in a click!

ComSignTrust™ digital signing solutions are developed not only to reduce costs, they allow you to secure, automate and control all your document production to make it much more efficient.

ComSignTrust™ Desktop is a complete digital signature software solution which enables users to digitally sign documents of all types — invoices, agreements, diagrams, forms, applications, images, letters and more — interfacing with any application and any format of your choice.

From within the document itself or in the email, ComSignTrust™ Desktop digital signature software has been designed to meet the needs of businesses that require a comprehensive software tool (along with a digital certificate in the form of a smart card, e-token, etc) to digitally sign all document formats in an organizational workflow.

When you deploy ComSignTrust™ Desktop digital signature software solution, all of the solution’s benefits and especially ROI, start on day one.

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