Digital Signing Solution for Desktop – Basic

ComSignTrust™ Desktop Basic Edition is a digital signing solution that will allow you to sign & send diverse types of documents in a click!

sign your files directly from your desktop and replace the old tiresome manual signing process  Digital Signing Solution Download

With ComsignTrust Desktop you get all the basic digital signing solution capabilities and features including:

  • PDF signature
  • Freehand annotations
  • Provide time stamping features and signature verification for added control
  • System reports
  • And much more…

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Here is a quick comparison between our two digital signing solution versions (Basic Vs Professional):

Desktop Basic
Desktop Professional
Signing documents through drag and drop interface
PDF signature, MS & Open Office and other document formats
PDF freehand annotations
Addition of a graphic signature to a document and/or comments
Time stamping
Multiple signatures on a single document
System reports
Signature verification
Bulk signing
Full folder/directory signing
Signing of all files types (Pdf Envelope)
Send signed documents using rule based mailing list
Hot folders: sign files as they arrive