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 Create Efficiency All Over! 

ComSignTrust™ is a subsidiary of the Comda Group and a technology company, developing advanced digital signature solutions, focusing on highly secure, qualified e-signature solutions for enterprises. ComSignTrust™ has developed Digital Signature solutions using a proven and innovative technology to build products for high reliability.

Enjoy a quick ROI with our cost effective technology and “Go paperless”! Create, sign, email and then store all your documents securely and without the costs associated with printing, sending and manual archiving.

Choose a digital signature solution:

ComsignTrust™ Enterprise

electronic signature

  • All in One’ on-premise solution for enterprises installed as a central server appliance.
  • Outstanding performance signing large volume of files and documents.
  • Support of national CA’s for certification issuance, revocation and validation checking.
  • Customized hardware integration with any PKI component.

ComSignTrust™ e-Signature portal

 sign online portal

One portal to perform multiple signatures and Sign clients from everywhere! 

With ComSignTrust™ Digital signature portal you can upload documents and send the link to peers or customers, to sign online, anywhere – from the office or on the go!

Optimize business workflow by:

  • Reduced costs by avoiding printing, signing, scanning and archiving documents
  • Improved and secured processes
  • Paperless and green organization
  • Increased service levels
  • High-security level of files
  • Control the information within your organization

ComSignTrust™ Point Of Sale

digital signature for point of sale

  • A full digital customer service experience.
  • sign customers directly on tablets/ from home.
  • Support of various Tablets and Signature PAD’s.
  • The agent and customer displays are fully synchronized.
  • Fully support all touch screen features.
  • The document is locked after signing.

ComSignTrust™ Desktop

digital signature software

  • Installed directly on your desktop
  • Sign all document formats
  • Works with every Secure Signature Cryptographic Device (Smart cards, Tokens, HSM, etc.)

ComsignTrust™ Mobile

digital signature solution for mobile

  • Dedicated smart card reader
  • Contact – on device pin connector Contactless – using NFC

Cloud based:

  • Private Cloud
  • Enterprise Cloud
  • Certificate on Device
  • Certificate & Private Key stored encrypted on device

Desktop based:

ComSignTrust™ Cloud

digital signature soltuion on CLOUD

  • Enterprise Cloud
  • Certificate on Device
  • Certificate & Private Key stored encrypted on device

ComsignTrust™ API

digital signature API

  • Enables users to integrate ComsignTrust™ API with any of customer’s internal applications
  • Structured interface with COM / ActiveX, C++ / C (DLL), WS (WCF), Java (JAR), Silverlight, Command Line HOT FOLDERS
  • Ready to use plug-in’s to MS SharePoint, SAP Business One, MS Outlook, Salesforce, M-Files, Priority ERP, Documentum, WisePage digital archive and more.

e- prescriptions


Makeing it easier for Patients – Physicians – Pharmacies – with ComsignTrust e-prescriptions

ComSignTrust offers Automated e-Signature solutions as a simple way to automate the signing of all FDA-regulated clinical trial forms and to comply with the requirements for electronic submission of all documents.

ComsignTrust e- Prescriptions solution offers a highly secure prescriptions generation and patient’s privacy protection to save precious physician & patient time.

Learn how we implement the solutions and saved precious patients and physicians time!