Digital signature server for Enterprise – Signer-1

digital signature server Signer 1

ComSignTrust™ Digital Signatures solutions aren’t just about digital signature, they are planned and developed for securing, automating and controlling the entire document signing workflow to make it more efficient and far more cost effective.

ComSignTrust™ Enterprise is a server that automate the entire production and signing workflow and has been designed to meet the needs of large organizations that sends thousands or millions of signed documents monthly!

When you deploy ComSignTrust ™ for Enterprise, the ROI starts on day one and is accomplished within a few months.

ComSignTrust™ Enterprise benefits:

  • Improves the efficiency of organizational data workflow
  • Save time, cost and resources of manual tasks
  • Eliminate future costs associated with document production, handling, storage and disposal
  • Experience immediate savings by going paperless
  • Free-up personnel to enable increase productivity
  • Mitigate the risks and costs associated with human error
  • Increase document security and privacy of your organization and of your consumers
  • Allow multiple signatures on one document within a few minutes
  • Get secure, cost-effective managed digital storage
  • Integrates with every PKI system like MS, Entrust, Verisign, RSA, etc.
  • Operates with every SSCD (Secure Signature Cryptographic Device)
  • Integrates with every smart card or e-token to secure keys
  • Built in time stamp client to enable accurate signing time verification

Digital Signatures made easy – learn more about features and highlights 

ComSignTrust™ Signer-1 Brochure