Electronic Signature

What Is an Electronic Signature ?

Electronic signature is a digital certificate to validate it’s owner identity. Much like a drivers license, the qualified electronic signature is issued by a trusted third party called a Certificate Authority (Comsign Europe), who got the approval of the government.

All other digital signatures (which weren’t issued by a CA) are not legally binding.

The main rolls of the electronic signature

The electronic signature may come as a form of a smart card or an e-token and may also come with a digital signature software, to not only identify the user’s ID but also sign and send securely different types of documents, with out using any paper! (yes – no printing, no scanning, no archiving)

First roll – Strong Authentication

Because the electronic certificate is unique and contain encrypting features it is being used by government portals, financial Corporations and many businesses that require a strong authentication method (also offline- to the corporate offices for example).

smart card

Second roll – Cost – Saving solution for creating business efficiency and a greener processes.

Many businesses sign manually on different types of documents: invoices, agreements, job contracts, HR forms, NDAs, purchase offers and more. This paper- based activity, not only that it is inefficient it also causes a great deal of unnecessary expenses.

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