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Simple Signing on Tablets and Smartphones – mobile digital signatureMobile digital signature

As more and more users are making their smartphone and tablets an extension of their offices,  the need for a secure digital signature on mobile devices keeps on growing.

ComSignTrust™ delivers a secure Mobile ecosystem, composed by ComSignTrust’s Mobile Digital Signature solution and a secret key contained in a digital certificate issued and trusted by a third-party Certified Authority (CA) such as ComSign Europe, for a highly secure, qualified digital signature.

A qualified digital signature is the highest security ranked e-Signature available today, ensuring signer authentication and identity assurance. Thus, the mobile signature is a unique feature for proving your real-world identity to third parties without face-to-face communication, which solves security problems of the online world with identity confirmation.

The ComSignTrust™ Mobile solution may also be combined with an online issued digital certificate for a high security ranked e-Signature – a secure digital signature or even with a basic graphic signature.

Capturing signatures on tablets and smartphones is part of the ComSignTrust™ digital signature solutions portfolio. Hence the CT Mobile is typically part of a solution package and is integrated in a Desktop/Enterprise solution.

With an easy click-to-sign e-Sign process, all file types (PDF, word, excel, PPT, voice, image, source code, video, XML etc.) may be signed with a recognized electronic signature, time stamped, locked (sealed), emailed and e-Filed/e-Archived – resulting in the prevention of tampering and in providing strong legal evidence, highly productive workflow and fast and simple access to files.